Guruji, how can we bring back the original glory of our ancient Indian civilization to present-day India?

Our Indian Civilization is one of the most ancient civilizations in this world. It is to our credit that despite the innumerable invasions and destruction that our country has been subjected to over many centuries, we have managed to retain the main fabric of our national culture. India is a spiritually evolved and sacred land where rishis and munis have meditated since ages. Our land has been full of ashrams and gurukuls where divine values and ideals were nurtured in young minds. Acharyas who were realized souls, were in charge of the education of the young children. Children stayed and learnt with the Acharyas in Gurukuls.

Somewhere, along the way, we lost the essence of our vedic teachings and started aping the west. This is where all troubles began. The degradation of values in modern times, is mainly due to the abandoning of our advanced Vedic system of education, and following the Western methods and educational systems. India is a country which possesses divine wealth. It is a country where people from the economically rich countries of the West come to learn and evolve. They come to the Himalayas to meet and seek guidance from the Yogis, to practice Yoga and obtain our immense spiritual wealth, which has the tendency of increasing through sharing. Only spiritual life can give real and everlasting peace and happiness.

If we want to bring back the glory of the advanced and ancient Indian Civilization of the past, it is necessary to start from the cradle, by bringing back our old educational methods and culture. The process has already begun. Many of the evolved spiritual Gurus and leaders have realized the necessity of bringing back our glorious culture and values. Gurukuls and spiritual organisations, to develop better human beings are widely prevalent now. Gaushalas are being promoted to preserve our ‘desi’ – divine breed of cows. More people are coming forward to promote our enriching values and methods of living. The process has already begun.

Let us also contribute towards this noble goal by promoting the importance our Gurukul system of education, and conserving our ‘desi’ breed of cows.

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