Guruji, what is the importance of cow worship and what will happen to our world if cow-slaughter continues in the years to come?

Our scriptures very clearly state that thirty-three crores ‘devtas’ reside in the body of cows. This is one of the main reasons for cow-worship among the Hindus of India. Our ancestors always conducted cow-worship before every festival of harvest or other festivals or ceremonies. House-warming ceremonies were conducted with the ritual of taking the cow inside the house first and then praying to it to make the house prosper with food- grains, milk and butter. Even till date certain households in India practise cow worship before important ceremonies and festivals.

Cows have also been the backbone of our agricultural nation, since time immemorial. Even though cow-milk was used extensively by our ancestors, they always ensured that the cow-milk would be collected for human consumption only after the calf had taken its share of milk. Every product and by-product of the cows were used by our ancestors. Cow-urine was used as a natural pesticide, and cow-manure as a natural fertilizer.

The effects of cow-slaughter are already being witnessed by the world. So long as human beings continue to allow cows to be killed in slaughterhouses, there cannot be any collective peace or prosperity. The torture these divine beings undergo are unforgivable. The collective consciousness of the world is disturbed, especially through the spread of incurable diseases and through frequent wars and unrests.

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