Guruji, How to deal with people who cheat us inspite of our goodness?

Yes, this usually happens in the material world. This is where your level of spiritual advancement and your surrender attitude towards the will of God works. These will help you to overcome the situation of feeling cheated. It is a fact that the worldly-minded people take advantage of people who they think are gullible or simple. Generally, in this world, it is only the crying baby who is served milk. Do not let these matters upset or spoil your peace of mind. Whether your goodness is rewarded or not, it is important that you continue to do good and be good. Remember that God is always on the side of the righteous ones.

Goodness is always a virtue, whether it earns worldly rewards or not. The good man is always a spiritually inclined person, though he is required to carry out transactions of commercial nature in this world. When one has to perform in this material world, it is necessary to nurture one’s commercial faculties in the right proportion. It is important to be shrewd and wise in order to carry out one’s worldly transactions. Never lose one’s satvik qualities.

Always rest in God-consciousness but at the same time develop one’s commercial sense, so that it is possible to carry out fair transactions in this world. A spiritually inclined person has tremendous will-power and the power to endure hardships, due to God’s grace. If he or she is suffering in this lifetime, it could be the result of karmas of the previous lifetimes. These should be borne well with equanimity.

Never indulge in criticism and back-biting on account of being cheated at work. Endure all injustice with the courage of your conviction. Never indulge in wrong actions, no matter what situation one is placed in. Always carry out your professional duties with sincerity and dedication. Never retaliate against a wrong done to you, with a wrong action on your part. Calmly bear the wrong done to you without any mental agitation or upset. Do not react, just observe silence. Soon enough you will be able to wear out that portion of the karma that you had to undergo. Finally, all wrongs will be set right with the grace of God.

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