I want permanent happiness in my life. Is it possible to attain it by any means?

My dear child please note, only two entities have permanent happiness, one who is not born and the other that is dead. This earth is a Karma Bhumi. “You should understand what Karma is?” While doing the karma one’s happiness becomes another’s unhappiness. You cannot live without giving pain to another. This is a truth. If you want to prepare a vegetable dish, you have to cut the vegetables and thus cause pain to the vegetables. Similarly by plucking a fruit from the tree it creates pain for the tree. When a child is born everyone is happy but the mother has to suffer the delivery pain. Day is followed by night. Happiness is followed by misery and again sorrow is overcome by ecstasy. This is the law of nature. You cannot have one thing forever. No human being can live permanently with another person. Similarly you cannot have permanent happiness in reality. Anything on this earth is temporary and fast-changing. So is it in the case of happiness also.

Law of nature is common for all. Yet, a realized soul or person can be happy forever right from the day of realization until the body is discarded. This can be possible through meditation. Meditation is not an easy task but rather difficult to achieve. With the guidance of your Guru, you can practice meditation and strive to enter the horizon of ecstasy through Guru Krupa and Dev Krupa. In order to achieve this you are required to begin your meditation today itself. Try to meditate for atleast eight hours each day so that within atleast twelve years you may enter the zone of ecstasy. I wish you all the best in gaining happiness forever.

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