Guruji, How can the collective consciousness of a country as a whole be purified?

The ancient culture prevalent in our country has always been spiritual in nature. In olden times, the character of our nation was essentially spiritual. There were ashrams and gurukuls in abundance, where every child learnt to purify one’s conscious before stepping out into the world. The gurus and acharya were highly spiritual and imparted well-rounded teachings to the disciples and students so that morality and spirituality formed the backbone of their adult lives. Had this continued, we would have definitely been the country with the most collectively purified consciousness on earth. However, with the invasions and the intrusions by the outside civilisations, most of our inherent culture promoting consciousness in its purest form, was driven away.

However, in the present times, there has been a resurgence of spirituality all over the world. Conscious efforts are being made for uplifting human conscious, especially by our various Indian spiritual gurus. All these efforts are sure to lead to purification of collective consciousness, at a national as well as worldly levels. The time for a purified, corruption-free, nation has come, and it shall happen.

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