Guruji, you have told us that cows are conducive to meditation. Would you please explain this to us?

Cow is the most ‘satvic’ animal among all animals on earth. They emanate perpetual peace and love. Cow is the only animal on earth which draws vibrations from the Sun through its unique Suryaketu Nadi which is present in its hump, and dispenses its satvik vibrations to all beings. Suryaketu Nadi absorbs the harmful radiations in its vicinity, and in this manner cleanses the environment. Through this Nadi, the cow receives auspicious vibrations from the various heavenly constellations. Due to this special power, you will observe that the cow is always in a state of ‘Ananda’. One who does Gau Seva, tends to automatically receive these vibrations. Being in the presence of these divine creatures enables one to absorb their vibrations and positive energies. Kamadhenu and Kapila are most conducive for meditation.   At our ashram both these breeds are present in large numbers. You are welcome to come to our ashram to feed these cows with their preferred food, and thereafter to meditate in their proximity. You may also serve them by applying oil to their bodies and bathing them. Service towards these divine beings, especially when you are in their proximity, allows you to absorb the maximum vibrations emanated by them.

It is a well-known fact that a cow’s body absorbs all the 33 crores vibrations that emanate from the Universe.   These vibrations are complementary as well as necessary for the well-being of all beings on earth. In order to reach higher levels of meditation, these vibrations are very advantageous and supportive. You may partake in this sublime experience by serving the cows at our Gaushala or Ashram, and also by meditating in their presence. Once you practice this, there is no doubt whatsoever, that your life will turn out to be more smooth and happy. Practice meditation, and by and by, your mind will be so calm and fixed that you will find it hard to keep away from meditation.

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