Guruji, it is said that you are always surrounded mostly by women disciples, with hardly any presence of the male disciples. Is it so, and if so, why?

First and foremost, it is important for one and all to understand that once the path of spirituality has been adopted, then one should not use narrow eyes to view the happenings around the Guru and the ashrams. It is a known fact that there are more women disciples in our ashram, as compared to male disciples.

For that matter, this appears to be a general tendency as far as any ashram is concerned, or where any Guru is concerned.

For the Guru, there is never any gender associated with a disciple. A disciple, whether male or female, is only a disciple, and the Guru extends love and blessings to all disciples and devotees, equally, impartially. The Guru is only interested in the spiritual welfare of all people, no matter what the gender, class, creed, religion or nationality of the devotee be.

It is also a fact that it is the devotion of women that induce them to attend satsangas more often than men. You must have observed this during our monthly ‘satchintana’. Perhaps, it is only rightly so. The woman is the home-maker, responsible for the upbringing of her children, and if she is spiritually evolved she will definitely make more spiritual impact upon her family and home than a man would. When a woman is spiritually conscious, then the men in her home will not be able to escape the spiritual environment of her home.

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