Guruji why do we celebrate rituals and ocassions if everything is unreal except Atman?

Any celebration , be it on occasions of births, marriages, anniversaries, deaths, etc. by individuals or groups are generally a celebration of existence. We are happy to exist, happy to have taken this human form. We express our gratitude through these celebration, so long as there is no undue display of wealth or garishness. Individuals or groups celebrate events in their lives in different ways, expressing gratitude to God, to near and dear ones, and to one’s own life on earth.

Guru’s birthday, when celebrated, is celebrated by the disciples not by the Guru himself. This kind of celebration by the disciples is equivalent to worship of the Para Brahma, as worship of the Guru is equal to worship of the Para Brahma.

Guru Purnima is a festival that has immense religious importance. We celebrate this festival to venerate Guru Vyasa who was a divine master, a Guru of the highest order. We celebrate this occasion in order to express our gratitude to all our gurus, past and present. The disciples collectively venerate the Guru, and the Guru in turn showers collective blessings upon disciples. There is a collective raising of spiritual consciousness, a collective layer of love, peace and devotion is sent out by the disciples, and a pious and receptive attitude is prevalent during such celebrations. Such celebrations all over India and the world, succeed in promoting love, peace and harmony all around.

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