Guruji, why is it so difficult to forgive someone who has hurt you very much, mentally? Why do we not stop clinging to past hurts?

You might keep insisting that you have no ego, but the very fact that you find it difficult to forgive someone who has hurt you in the past, shows that you have a huge ego.

The ego is only able to feed on misery. Your misery feeds your ego and vice versa also happens. If you decide to keep your ego, you will never be able to forget the hurts and insults, nor will you be able to forgive. But, if you decide to leave your ego, then forgiveness will happen naturally. Do not try to forgive, because when you try and forgive, then again your ego raises its head to say ‘see how great I am. I have forgiven, even though I have been hurt so badly.’ Let the forgiving happen.

You must have noticed that when you are happy and joyous, even for a few minutes, none of the hurtful thoughts come to you. But when you are feeling miserable, all the wrongs done to you will start piling up in your memory, and you will even start exaggerating the wrongs. This is a natural human tendency.

You must make a conscious effort to inject joy in your life. When you are joyous, the ego disappears completely and it also happens vice versa, i.e. when your ego disappears, you are always joyous. So, the trick is to remain joyous always. The true yogi is always joyous, no matter what the situation of life may be. When you cultivate joyousness, forgiving happens automatically, and you will no longer remember the hurts or wounds. There will be no clinging of the past. You will always remain in the present, in a joyful state.

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