Guruji, why have we taken birth as human beings? And how will meditation help us to lead a better life?

Every life on earth is a soul that has taken on an earthly body in order to evolve. This human life is a preparation for Self-realisation. – it is a training ground for the individual to refine himself or herself from the present state of spiritual evolution, to reach the ultimate divinity within. Human beings are the only creations on earth that have the capability of achieving divinity – of realising God. We have taken this human form after having passed through 84 lakh lives of different species of beings.

The human life is like a temporary halt in the course of our long journey towards attaining God-consciousness. Just as we have to pass through progressive classes and standards while obtaining our academic education, so also the soul has to assume different bodies for the sake of its evolution. It is a conscious decision taken on the part of the soul to assume a body that is suited for its evolution. But after taking birth on earth, the soul tends to forget the very purpose for which this human body has been assumed. After having taken form as a human being, one has to endeavour to achieve the goal of this life. In order that we remember and understand the reason for which we are born, it is necessary for us to meditate.

Meditation helps us to get in touch with our soul – our inner being – the divinity within us. It helps us to remember the reasons for which we have assumed this human body. It is a tool for spiritual evolution. Meditation is possible only with Guru’s grace. ‘Dharana’ or concentration of the mind leads to meditation. Concentration happens only with effort while meditation is a steady flow of thoughts without effort. Deep meditation cannot come easily to everyone. One has to struggle hard to achieve the state of meditation. Once that state is achieved, the meditator and the meditated become one, and it then becomes possible to understand the purpose of one’s existence. The consciousness expands to embrace the whole world and one is automatically resting in a state of bliss.

As more and more people start adopting the path of spirituality and meditation, the human consciousness as a whole gets bettered, and so also the universal consciousness. It is only through meditation that one can achieve the purpose of life. It is necessary to note that none on earth have lost anything due to the practice of meditation. However, many have lost due to not having practised meditation. Do not waste even a single minute of your life. Try and spend all your leisure hours in meditation, and turn your life into a successful one.

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