Guruji, why do you give different mantras to different disciples ?

Different mantras have different effects upon the human psyche and therefore different mantras are given to different people. When we chant the mantra given to us by our Guru, it takes root within and provides us with the power to attain our goals. It is the nature of the mind is to be in a constantly chattering state, flitting from one thought to another. The mantra can be used to anchor the mind to Supreme Consciousness. The wandering nature of the mind can be controlled through repetition of the mantra. Through constant practice every cell of the body becomes energised by the mantra.

The chanting of mantras removes impurities within one’s entire being, and makes it conducive to attain the Divine. As one continues to repeat the mantra with faith and devotion, the mantra begins to resonate within, automatically. When the guru-mantra is chanted with discipline and devotion, it has the power to awaken the Kundalini Shakti, and lead the ‘sadhak’ to higher and higher stages of spiritual awakening. Chanting of the guru-mantra and the practice of meditation are definite steps that can lead the ‘sadhak’ to Self-realisation.

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