Guruji, what should one do when troubles and misfortune follow one all through life? Is there any remedy for this other than prayers?

One of the most important truths of life is that almost every person has come to earth to complete certain incomplete lessons, and all the so-called troubles and sufferings come to each individual as opportunities to complete the required learnings. Once this fact is understood by all, no longer will they resist or rebel against such happenings. So, do not be afraid of genuine misfortunes or troubles.

At the outset, try and gauge whether the situation perceived is a figment of your imagination, or is it a genuine problem that is being encountered. Sometimes, there is a tendency to compare our lives and situations, with that of our friends, relatives, neighbours, etc. In doing so, the present situation gets magnified and one starts feeling overburdened with the extent of the perceived troubles. Also, it is a known fact that when you start confronting problems with agitation and an anxious attitude, your problems appear large and complex. It also tends to spoil the energy around the place you are in, and you start attracting more and more problems.

So, the first step is to examine and establish for yourself that the troubling situation that you are confronted with, is indeed a genuine problem. Then, pray to God to give you the strength and wisdom to face the difficult situation. Thereafter, with an attitude of surrender, go on performing your actions based on your understanding of the situation. Be grateful for all the happenings in life, whether good or bad, with an understanding that troubles and misfortunes are given to human beings for their own spiritual development. Conduct yourself with calmness and courage, no matter how tough the situation you encounter is, with total faith in God and Guru.

Tackling every trouble with calmness and patience is very important. When problems are approached with an attitude of surrender to God, either you find that the trouble eases away and disappears, or you find that it becomes easy for you to solve it permanently. Learn to live your life joyfully and prayerfully, no matter how troublesome it may seem, without any expectations. Be steadfast in your spiritual discipline, never miss it even for a day. You will soon find yourself being spiritually uplifted, and life itself will become one joyful movement.

Every human being, good or bad in the eyes of the world, is an individual being – a specific element within the universal being, who has taken birth to complete his or part on earth. But, once born the element forgets its specific purpose. It is only when it is confronted with troubles and misfortune that it starts introspecting. So, do not be afraid of troubles. You are a part of the divine, and you shall soon fulfil your role on earth, the part that you have come to play. Continue your journey in a joyful and service-oriented manner, and all shall be well with you.

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