Guruji, what qualities should I possess if I want to strive toward attaining Self-realisation? Also, please help me, guide me to acquire the required qualities.

I am happy to see that you have come to me for assistance in your spiritual quest and not to seek advice regarding your worldly problems. For achieving success in spirituality, it is necessary to prepare yourself, just as you prepare yourself for your educational examinations for excelling in your class. You must start by regulating yourself to maintain discipline, both inner and outer discipline.

Examine yourself sincerely, and free yourself from all unwanted desires. Constantly evaluate yourself, your thoughts and actions, and bring about the necessary changes in you. Do not repeat your mistakes after realising the same. Try to maintain a calm state of mind, at all times. Attend to your duties without any expectations. Do not judge others, nor be bothered by those who judge you. Self-education and self-improvement are the best qualities to master. If you prepare yourself well in spirituality, success in achieving the goal is definite.

Always remember that ‘jeevatma’ (individual soul) is a part of the universal soul or ‘Parmatma’, and therefore, is pure and divine. All the required qualities are already present in all human beings, but these are covered with impurities of the mind and ignorance. When you do selfless work, the mind gets purified, and when the mind gets purified, knowledge and devotion automatically fill the mind. The most-easy method of uncovering ignorance and impurities of the mind, is to employ the tool of meditation. You may lack the ability to transcend yourself, but if you willingly surrender to God, then God’s grace will work upon you. If you perform sadhana to your maximum capacity, then God will certainly help you to accomplish things that are beyond your capabilities. Meditate, surrender, and you shall attain God.

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