Guruji, what is yoga? Can you elaborate it.

Yoga literally means unification. It means the union of ‘Atma’ (the individual soul) with ‘Paramatma’(the cosmic soul). It is a complete system based on scientific methods. It is a system through which one can gain complete mastery over one’s physical, spiritual, mental and psychic systems. To achieve this one has to practise sincerely under the guidance of a competent master or guru.

It is a system which helps the sadhaka to achieve mastery over the mind. It also helps the sadhaka to discover hidden potentials within oneself. There are various aspects of yoga which can be chosen by the sadhaka according to his or her own aptitude or temperament. Generally, yoga includes the disciplines of karmayoga, bhaktiyoga, jnanayoga, layayoga, kriyayoga, and rajayoga. All these disciplines help one to reach a state where there is conscious interaction with the divine.

The sadhaka who has acquired a steady posture and has purified his nerves and mind by the constant practice of breath control through the steady practice of yoga, can concentrate easily. It helps the sadhaka by bestowing upon him or her, energy, vitality, and a high standard of health. It is skilful action which brings about harmony in body, mind and soul. Through yogic practices, one can control the body and mind, and develop physical, mental, and divine powers.

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