Guruji, what is Vajra Mudra? How does it help us in improving our physical and mental system?

Vajra Mudra is a hasta mudra or hand gesture which symbolises the five elements of nature. It is used by the yogis for improving blood circulation and also for boosting energy levels. This mudra can be effectively used by the current generation, as most of them are used to sedentary life-styles in air-conditioned environments, with hardly any exercise to stimulate the body. The constant pumping of cool airconditioned air in your home or office, causes chronic headache and tiredness, and its most common outcome is poor blood circulation. In such cases, vajra mudra is very effective as it helps to remove dizziness and laziness through proper blood circulation and infusion of pranic energy. Vajra mudra is also said to transform ignorance into wisdom.

For practising Vajra Mudra, sit in a comfortable, relaxed position – in sukhasana, vajrasana, or siddhasana. Raise both your hands in front of your chest near the heart chakra. Then with the fist of your right hand, encircle the index finger of your left hand. The remaining fingers of your left hand should be kept below in a fist-formation. Hold this position and take deep and slow breaths. As you do this, observe your breath. Keep this position for about a minute or longer. (Left-handed people may use the fist of the left hand to encircle the index finger of the right hand, with the remaining fingers of the right hand kept in a fist-formation.)

This mudra can be performed during any time. Perform it for about 3 to 5 times a day, for good effect. Also, it should be undertaken with regularity and dedication. You may not experience the benefits from the first day itself. It is only gradually that you will start getting proficient in doing the vajra mudra and its benefits will also likewise follow.

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