Guruji, what is the right way to practice service to others? What are the qualities that one has to cultivate in order to be of effective service to others?

A person who intends to embark upon a life of service to others, must first and foremost be sincere at heart. He or she must not serve others with the intention of gaining name or fame. Never grumble or murmur when you serve others. Always carry the thought that God has given you a rare opportunity to improve yourself, to evolve spiritually, through service to others.

Be grateful to the one you are serving because he or she has given you the opportunity to serve. Watch out for all opportunities to serve the needy. Be joyful and cheerful when you are in service of others who are akin to God.

Always remember that through the one you serve, you are serving your God and Guru. When you serve another, never ever carry any expectation. Do not be attached to your service. Cultivate humility and positivity. Do what is expected before it is asked. Cultivate the attitude of self-less service.

Never be attached to the fruits of your service. Always remember that you are only an instrument in the hands of God. One who wishes to serve others, should be balanced in success and failure, pleasure and pain, gain or loss. One who engages in Karma Yoga should always be self-less and sincere. Fix the mind on the lotus feet of God.

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