Guruji, what is the outcome of Self-realization? How will it be helpful to a Sadhaka?

At some time or the other in one’s life, it is seen that despite being highly successful in worldly life, despite having wealth, fame, health, etc., a time comes when one is confronted with a sense of emptiness, a loneliness of spirit, a lack of joy, and nothing in this world appears to satisfy oneself. People who live in the material world are generally driven to be slaves of their senses. For some time, they pursue enticing sensual pleasures, but soon get bored of it all.
Experience teaches us that no matter how much one strives in this world, one is not always happy or joyful or peaceful, despite having achieved almost all that one wanted in life. When such a situation comes up in our lives, we realize that happiness does not come from the outside. Happiness and peace are something we ourselves create within us.
At such times of confusion, not knowing what to do about the situation, one starts finding solace in the thought of God, one becomes a seeker – a Sadhaka. Various questions arise within us and we turn to God, seeking answers. At such a juncture, automatically, the cosmos directs the seeker towards a Guru – an enlightened Master, who is willing to guide the seeker. The more we seek within us, the more is the truth about this entire creation revealed to us.
So, the Sadhaka who finally realizes the complete Truth about this cosmos – this creation, becomes self-realized. In a state of self-realization, the Sadhaka is ever blissful, ever contented, and ever stable. No matter what the situation the Sadhaka is confronted with, in this life, he or she becomes unshakable, and liberated from the ups and downs of this earthly life. The self-realized person is able to lead a blissful and purposeful life unto the very end of his or her life-span upon earth.

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