Guruji, What is the difference between a Student and a Disciple?

In order to understand this difference, you have to first understand what Disciple is. Most people use the word discipline loosely, without properly understanding what it stands for. Discipline is the regimen required for mastering the qualities and qualifications of a true disciple. A student may or may not have the required discipline, but a disciple should always have the required discipline otherwise he cannot be called a disciple.

For example, a student will come for a ‘kriya’ camp, attend the classes, and go back to him home. He may or may not carry out the ‘kriya’ practices on a daily basis, as advised by his teacher. Also, even if he does carry out his practices, he may carry out in part or at different timings, which will not be in accordance with the instructions received. However, a it is determined to carry out the ‘kriya’ practices as advised by his teacher, in an identical manner as per the instructions given to the class. It undertakes the practice with the clear determination that ‘this is a practice that has been taught in order to help me in my spiritual progress and I am committed to carry out the complete instructions of my teacher’. The  values both his teacher’s and his own time, and hence carries out his commitment to the given practice lesson. So, this is the vital difference between the student and the disciple.

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