Guruji, sometimes I find so much chaos within me, so many conflicting thoughts and ideas, that I just give up and sit still, doing nothing, and then I find that everything has cleared up automatically. Does this happen to all? And what is the corrective action that I should take up to have a serene mind?

If you will observe yourself, you will find that there are three personalities within you, with different qualities and variations, the spiritual, the emotional, and the physical personalities. Each one of these personalities contradict the other, and when they clash with each other, within you, you experience these conflicting thoughts and ideas. The same is the case with all persons, including the yogis and sanyasis, who have not allowed their spiritual personalities to develop and mature.

For example, your physical personality is very excited about going to the mall and doing some extravagant shopping, whereas your emotional mind tells you that you are just recovering from the loss of a dear friend and that you are in no mood to enjoy the shopping. As this argument is happening within you, your spiritual mind tells you that why should you engage in such unnecessary spending when you have enough clothes and things to last you a life-time.

So, these three thought-trends continue to battle within you as long as you give importance to each thought-trend, but when you go silent for a while, all differences settle down and the spiritual personality takes over you. That is why, the more you nurture your spiritual personality, the more you are able to live in a conflict-free manner. Spiritual practices taught by the Guru, and dedicatedly followed by the disciples and devotees help to develop one’s spiritual personality.

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