Guruji, What is the best way to deal with the busy activities of this material world? I am unable to abandon my worldly life and take up ashram living. How can I hasten my journey towards God?

When you are in a situation where you want to take up ashram living, but cannot do so, then accept the situation you have been placed in. Be cheerful and attentive at all times. Perform your duties – small as well as important duties – with deep attention, remembering that God is guiding you in every action.

Doubt, worry, mental fatigue, fear, boredom, restlessness, mental and physical laziness, over-indulgence in anything, unsystematic life, lack of interest, lack of creative energy are negative traits that make it impossible for cosmic energy to enter your physical self. So, the best way to rid yourself of any such negative traits, is to submerge yourself in activities that counter these negativities. Counter such negative traits by taking up service-oriented activities. Promise yourself to do all your duties whether small or great, with the deepest attention.

Work with interest and desire to help others, enrol yourself in systematic spiritual classes so that you are able to cultivate a discipline whereby you succeed in developing or furthering positive traits such as calmness, courage, tolerance, patience, peace and an unconquerable attitude towards life in general. This will pave the way for the abundant cosmic energy to descend upon you. Continue to engage in your busy activities with the consciousness of God in every action of yours. You will observe a fresh awakening, an abundance of cosmic energy will enter your body, stimulating you, enabling you to perform better and better.

While your physical self is immersed in the daily activities, visualise that the cosmic energy is creating an energy-field around you, supplying you with renewed energy so that you are always energetic and cheerful. Hold on to the thought that you are only an instrument of God, here on earth to fulfil a divine purpose, and you shall thrive in an ashram-like environment wherever you may be.

Instead of craving to go and live in an ashram that is conducive to your spiritual growth, it is more advisable to create an environment in your own home such that it becomes conducive to the spiritual growth of yourself as well as your family members. As you grow spiritually, your consciousness will begin to consider the entire world as one large spiritual family. Strive towards that end by laying yourself at the feet of God and Guru, in total surrender, while performing all your activities.

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