Guruji, what is sadhana? Will sitting for meditation, and doing hatha yoga and kriya yoga every day qualify as sadhana?
Should it be taken up after retirement because it takes up so much of a working man's time?

Sadhana basically means the disciplined process undertaken to accomplish something. In spirituality, it means regular practice of a spiritual discipline which helps you to attain God. Our ancient scriptures have prescribed various techniques for seeking God, for realising the Self or Truth. Though all of us have come here upon earth to seek the Truth, each one of us has a different level of understanding, different temperament, personality, character, mental and spiritual strength. So, different seekers practise different kinds of techniques that are suited to them, as advised by their Guru.

Sadhana helps in enhancing one’s spiritual health and spiritual growth. When you take up sadhana, it also helps you to become a better human being. You become kinder, more understanding, more disciplined, focused and effective at work. Sadhana is not something that should be pursued after your retirement. Just as eating, taking bath, resting, etc. take up your time, but cannot be given up as they are essential for your living, so also sadhana is very essential for your healthy living, all through your life. You can increase or decrease your time for sadhana according to your schedule and time, but it is a discipline that should be incorporated in your daily life. Self-discipline and self-control are the pre-requisites to success in both the material life, as well as the spiritual life. Cultivate the habit of waking up at Brahma Muhurtha and doing your sadhana, as taught to you, and you will experience its effects all through your life. You will find a beneficial influence on your personal and professional life also

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