Guruji, what is non-attachment in terms of love? and how should we achieve it in this lifetime?

Attachment and love are two different aspects of your emotions. Most of us are blinded by ignorance and mistake attachment for love, or love for attachment. Love is a universal feeling which is separate from attachment. The moment you bring in attachment, love disappears.

Attachment is a sense of possessiveness which does not allow love to flow within you. A sense of attachment brings your negative qualities to the fore. It is important to love without any sense of possession. Only then will love be all-encompassing. So, whether it is towards material things or towards human relationships, the best quality to harbour is love without any sense of possessiveness or attachment.

Love without attachment is not insensitivity, instead non-attachment brings the best expression of love. Non-attached love is a complete surrender into love. It is the embracing of the other entity as one with your own self.

We are born with many of our negative quality which we have been carrying since many lifetimes, which we have come here to work upon and discard. The best way to tackle our negativities is to take up a yogic way of living even when living in this material world and attending our duties and responsibilities. All of you have already come here seeking a Guru or a guide for the various problems that are confronting you in your day to day lives. Many of you have already attended the various classes held at our ashram where techniques for living a spiritual way of life while living in this material world, has been taught to you.

So engage in Yoga and Meditation. Adopt a Satvik life-style, and slowly you will find all things falling in place. All problems will be easing off because when you engage yourself in mediation, your inner Self becomes stronger. Things that were earlier unbearable become easy to bear, and your mind becomes clear and strong to tackle any adversaries that you may have to face. As you make progress in your dedicated spiritual practices, your life itself will undergo a transformation. Your thought-patterns will change, and your being will be filled with supportive and unconditional love towards one and all. Under such situations, it will become easy for you to develop non-attached and unconditional love towards all God’s beings.

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