Guruji, what is meditation and what are the benefits of meditating, especially for a common man?

Meditation is a very important for spiritual progress. Meditation includes concentration, contemplation and complete spiritual absorption. As a first step, when you sit for meditation, concentrate on the most valuable things on earth – love and compassion. As you meditate what you actually do is enter into your spiritual heart – the innermost part of your being. It is the center of universal love. Silence the mind by steadily focusing all your attention on your Anahata or on your Ajna chakra, according to your choice. Go deeper and deeper till you enter into a space of blissful ecstasy.

Meditation is like going to the bottom of the sea, where everything is calm and tranquil. On the surface there may be turbulent waves but deep within, there is total stillness and silence. When we start our meditation, many thoughts will trouble us, but as we continue to sit steadfast in meditation, all our troubling thoughts, our earthly turmoils, that arise from our fears and self-doubts, will simply clear up. Daily meditation helps you to silently iron out all your problems – both material as well as spiritual problems that trouble you.

Meditation means being in the space of an energizing and fulfilling silence through which the Jeevatma is able to understand about its spirituality and eternal journey towards God. Finally, the Jeevatma rests only when the main purpose of this life is realised. The main purpose of meditation is to attain the love for God, and the highest purpose of human life is to become one with God. So, practice meditation with discipline whether you are a common man or not because all of us are God’s children and we all deserve to become one with God.

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