Guruji, what is Laya Yoga? Will it be beneficial in attaining the state of Samadhi?

Laya literally means dissolution or merging. In this yoga, mind is absorbed in sound. The goal of this practice is to alter the normal awareness of self by being focused upon hearing an internal, mystic sound. The mind becomes steady, as it gets absorbed in the sound on which it focuses. Just as in space, sounds are produced by the movement of sound waves in the air, so also there are currents in the body that flow and produce sounds when pranayama is practised.

Practice laya yoga by sitting in siddhasana and focusing attention upon the ajna chakra. Then turn the eyes upwards with eyelids closed. Ears, nose, and mouth should also be closed. Thereafter, with a calm and controlled mind, listen for a sound in the right ear. In the beginning, the sounds will be very loud and varied, but as you continue to practice, these sounds will become subtle and rare. There may be tinkling noises heard, or the sound of a flute, or the hum of the bees. These sounds are internal and cannot be heard by anyone, except by those whose nadis are free from impurities and who are well-practised in pranayama.

Practise listening to the anahata sound in the heart, with a calm and concentrated mind. As the focused mind becomes steady, all mental activity gets suspended. The external objects and the self are forgotten, and the mind remains absorbed in bliss. Laya yoga practice requires breath control, so that the breath may be exhaled very slowly, producing the sound for a significant length of time. Just as focusing awareness on the eyes produces special powers of vision, directing of awareness to the ears allows detection of special sounds. By directing the full force of one’s attention to these senses, deeper powers are developed. Directing the thoughts to any particular sense of the body, awakens one’s conscious awareness of the powers that correspond to that sense. Concentration upon the organs of the body that are involved in any practice, increases their power and sensitivity, and intensifies and strengthens that organ system.

Yes, the sincere practice of Laya Yoga is sure to lead you to a state of Samadhi. However, it is very necessary for the sadhaka to understand that any yogic practice that one embarks upon should be done under the guidance of a guru. Hence, one must take proper guidance from a realised Master or from an experienced Yoga Guru, before starting the practice of Laya Yoga.

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