Guruji, what is Ananda Lahari ?
What is its significance in our spiritual practice?

Ananda Lahari means “The Wave of Bliss”. It is a part of a divine composition, a Sanskrit hymn composed by Adi Shankaracharya. The first 41verses of the composition consists of Ananda Lahari and the rest of the composition contain the verses of Saundarya Lahari or “The Wave of Beauty”.

It contains the teachings of the Kundalini Yoga, the Chakras, and other Tantrik subjects. It describes the worship of the Universal Being in its feminine aspect – Sakti or Sri Vidya.

Various mantras forming part of the worship of Sri-chakra are detailed in the Ananda lahari. The hymns contain stanzas in poetic form along with Yantras or diagrams. All these together, form part of the worship of Devi. Each verse has a Yantra with Bija-aksharas and a certain course of worship. Various Devi Saktis are found hidden in each of us. If one purifies the mind and practises concentration and meditation, all the hidden powers will shine forth. Daily study of the Ananda lahiri will bring about great spiritual progress in the Devi Upasaka.

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