Guruji, what exactly is OM? What does it signify?

Mandukya Upanishad tells us … “Only OM exists, and in it is included the Past, Present and Future. OM is beyond time. OM is the Atma, the Brahman.”

OM or AUM is pure consciousness. It the original source of all that which is manifested in the world—all forms, speech, thoughts, desires—as well as all that which remains unmanifested. OM is not a word; it is the universal vibration – the cosmic vibration which started at the time of creation.

Om is not a chant that has been created by us. It a chant of the cosmos. It helps us to establish a connection between ourselves and the universe. When you concentrate on Om in your mind, you will realise a sense of the universal vibration everywhere. You will feel like an electric energy is coming from the top of the universe and filling your heart. Start feeling that the universe is vibrating through you; but also remember that you are only a little drop in the entire cosmos.

Chant Om with a deep echoing sound, and slowly let it taper off. Just like a ripple in the water. When you throw a stone in water, it makes circles which become wider and wider. Just like that, you must start the vibration. Then you will feel as if it is expanding little by little, by circles, until it reaches the top of the universe. Keep on chanting Om… Om… Om… When you chant, you will feel a vibration in your body, inside every cell of your being.

As you continue to chant, you will feel as if some electric current is operating within you, as if you are connected with the universal energy. To experience that feeling, you must recite Om with deep feeling and with the right intonation. In this way you will be able to produce a vibration which is in tune with the universal vibration, and you are able to merge with the universal consciousness. Do it with love and sincerity, as part of your Sadhana, and you shall achieve your goal.

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