Guruji, what are the Therapeutic values of Meditation

Meditation is a powerful technique for improving the physical, mental and emotional imbalances. As you meditate, vibrations develop within, which penetrate every cell in your body. aThe more you meditate, the more will be the effect of these vibrations, at all levels of your system. As you meditate, the energy produced by these vibrations, flow freely to all parts of your system, and exercise a soothing effect on the mind, nerves, organs, and cells of the physical body. The body is internally connected with the mind. It is a gross visible part of the mind. You must have noticed that when you are in physical pain, the mind is at once affected. Also, when the mind is afflicted with unfulfilled desires or vasanas, it creates imbalances within the physical system, which is the root cause for bodily diseases. 

If the mind is healthy, the body will necessarily be healthy. Worry does great harm to the astral body and mind. So also does intense anger and jealousy. So, in your own interest, spend some period of time each day, in meditation. If the mind is pure, and your thoughts are pure, then you will surely be free from all diseases. Meditation helps you to retain a sound mind in a sound body. When you engage in meditation, you are able to discard all negativities for at least some period of time when your mind goes blank, and this in turn helps you to heal from within.

Through the regular practice of meditation, it is possible to build around you a strong shield of protection against the negativities of the material world.

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