Guruji, What are the necessity of taking initiation from a Guru? What if I merely do the chanting of my ‘Ishta Mantra’, will I not be guided towards Self-realisation?

When you merely chant your ‘ishta mantra’ sincerely, there is no doubt that you will be guided towards the path of Self-realisation. But initiation by the Guru is required because it purifies the body and mind of the devotee. The Guru imparts blessings and spiritual energy to the disciple, through mantra and initiation. At times, the Guru also takes on the ‘prarabda’ of the disciple, during initiation. Many times, the Guru suffers pain or illness on account of this. Some people get a sudden spiritual awakening immediately after the initiation, depending upon the disciple’s samskaras.

Once an uninitiated Narada went to Vaikunta, the home of Lord Vishnu. He conversed with the Lord for some time and then left. After he left, Lord Vishnu asked Goddess Lakshmi to sprinkle Ganga ‘jal’ all over the place where Narada had sat so as to purify the place. The Goddess asked, “Why are you asking me to do this, Narada Muni is such a great devotee of yours.” Lord Vishnu replied, “He may be a great devotee, but he is not yet initiated.” So, in order to purify the body and mind of the devotee, and in order to receive spiritual energy from the Guru, initiation is advised.

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