Guruji, What are the importance of meditation in our daily life?

To understand this, one must know what is meant by meditation. It is a method to stabilise the mind and attain a state of restful consciousness. It is different from the normal state of consciousness one has while conducting day-to-day affairs. Every man is a combination of virtue and vice, in varying degrees, depending upon the proportion of the three Gunas, one is born with – Satva, Rajas and Tamas.

A human being is divine by nature, and it is ordained that every person must live a life of righteousness and purity. The greater the Satva guna in a person, the more is the person likely to carry out virtuous actions. It helps in increasing the Satva guna. When a Satvik life is adopted, a person experiences a sense of inner joy and peace. It does not only mean sitting in a corner with eyes closed. Leading a life of purity and engaging in virtuous actions on a day-to-day basis, are equal to meditation.

Given the kind of material life one leads these days, it is advisable to engage in meditation, as a set daily routine, for a few minutes or hours each day, according to the instructions of the Guru. This will enable one to live a peaceful and enriching day-to-day life. Regular meditation will help one to evolve quickly on the spiritual path and move forward towards one’s final goal.

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