Guruji, we have always taught our children to pray and be respectful towards all. But as they grow up, there are so many outside influences to battle. How can we tackle this situation?

Parents are the role-models for children during their childhood, but during the teens and afterwards, it is difficult to keep your children away from outside influences. Until you can, you will try to impart good teachings. But when they leave home for study or work, it will be difficult to insist upon them to continue to function as they did at home. You have played your part; the seed has been sown. Now it is up to them to lead their lives in a moralistic way, no matter what their outside influences tell them.

The characters of your children have already been moulded. The outside influences will definitely try to mould their lives, but you must not interfere. If you interfere in their adult lives, then it will become a never-ending issue. So, better maintain a distance from such unpleasant situations and be a detached witness. Even if your children get influenced by negativity, it is only a matter of time before they revert to their original positive characteristics. As parents, you must continue with your sattvic life-style and continue to be model parents.

The liking for prayers, spiritual practices, yogasana, and pranayama is a natural quality of human beings, but how far it is nourished depends upon you. It is always necessary to check your own spiritual progress. If you can manage to watch and test your mind from time to time, then your spiritual progress is definite. So, introspect daily, and keep watching your own spiritual progress.

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