Guruji, we are all so engrossed in our worldly lives, how is it possible for us to realise God ?

There is no fixed method for realising God. Also, whether one is absorbed in worldly life or not, if there a thirst to attain God, then one shall strive towards whatever method available or suitable to finding God. Our scriptures describe various methods for attaining God. Whatever be the method one takes to realise God – it is important to follow the course dedicatedly, without any deviation or indiscipline. When the ‘bhakti’ method is adopted, then it is not the ritualistic devotion but the ardent and loving devotion that will lead one towards God.

If the mind is attached to worldly objects then any amount of repetition of God’s name will not yield the necessary result. There should be undivided love and attention towards God, only then will one attain God.

So, before setting out to attain God, decide for yourself whether you can give your undivided attention and love to God – think of only God through all your worldly activities – only then should you consider the possibility of realising God. Otherwise, all rituals and practices will be in vain.

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