Guruji, we always say Health is Wealth. But as we grow old, when it is most needed, our health deserts us. We have all kinds of small and big ailments, our body stops supporting us, as it used to. How can we overcome this situation especially while living in a polluted city like Mumbai?

Yes, Health is wealth. Health is the tonic required for living a wholesome life. Without health life itself becomes a burden. For most of our ailments, it should be noticed that we ourselves are to be blamed. Nature tries to keep us healthy but we constantly go against the laws of nature.

You must have seen that among the animals, there is rarely any sickness, because they do not violate the laws of nature. With the advance of industrialisation and technology, not only in the city but in the villages also, man has become unhealthy. The past generations were much stronger and healthier. Today, despite the innumerable doctors and latest medical technologies, our health continues to deteriorate. If you want good health, then return to nature. Avail all the healing properties in nature. Avail the healing properties of sun, water, air, earth, fasting, herbal plants, chemical-free organic food, and so on. Exercise, walk, run, breathe in oxygenated air through pranayama, etc.

The sooner we go back to living with the nature, the better it will be for our physical health. Life today, has become mechanical and artificial. All kinds of canned food stuffs are consumed by people, as it is convenient to buy and eat instantly. This is one of the main reasons for deterioration in health and strength.

Make it a practice to walk and exercise regularly. Take up Kriya Yoga, if it interests you. Breathe consciously and properly. Wear simple, and light clothing.

Take simple, light, and nourishing food. Stop eating unhygienic food from stalls and street-side vendors. Prepare your own food. Do not rely on domestic help or cooks. Make it a practise to consume more of home-cooked, healthy food, instead of consuming the food ordered from restaurants, for convenience. It has become a habit today with most working couples, and also with the lazy housewives, to order food from food out-lets. The fact is that your home-cooked food even though it may be less tasty as compared to the food ordered from food-outlets, it is nevertheless a spiritually enriched food, made by loving hands and hearts.

Children learn from the elders. Cultivate habits that will help the children to emulate and lead their lives in a healthy and wholesome manner. Observe moderation in food and drink. When you learn to understand your mind and body, you can become your own doctor. Do your own domestic work instead of depending on outside help. The more you exercise your body, the healthier shall you be. Rely on yourself in all things. Do not pay much attention to small aches and pains. The body is old so it will not be as active as it was when you were young. But do not indulge yourself by saying you are old. Keep on doing all your chores is the same manner that you used to do.

The mind controls the body, so keep the mind as cheerful as possible, under every circumstance. Do not allow petty likes and dislikes to take control of your mind. Fill your mind with positive thoughts. A strong mind is very instrumental in helping to preserve good health. Observe the laws of nature in all things, whether you live in the city or in the village. Wake up at brahma muhurta, and spend some time in meditation and contemplation, before beginning your day’s chores. The younger generation will follow the trend you set.

Always eat, drink, sleep, think, conduct yourself in the way laid down by the ancient sages. If you conduct yourself in the manner nature intended you to, then even if ill health happens for reasons beyond your control, you will have the required strength and ability to live your life in an effective and peaceful manner.

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