Guruji, we are asked to refrain from touching you and also to offer salutations to you only from a distance. What is the reason? Please explain.

For your understanding, I shall give a detailed explanation.

A true meditator is always filled with vibrations of the ‘Alpha’ state of brain waves. The synchronized electrical activity in the brain is called a “brain wave”. The brain consists of billions of neurons (nerve cells)in different regions that use electricity as a means to communicate with one another.

These waves which are first emitted by the brain, travel through each and every cell in the body and join our psychic/subtle body.

A person who is in the ‘Alpha’ state is always happy and carries on all activities with a smiling face and with contentment. He communicates with all, in a peaceful and calm way. If one has to attain this state, one should have been meditating continuously since many, many years. When a non-meditator comes in contact with such a person, the non-meditator spills his/her negative feelings over the body and mind of the positive person. In such a case, the ‘Alpha’ state of the meditator is most likely to get disturbed.

In the ‘Alpha’ state, the brain waves are around 10 to 14 cycles per second. When it receives the ‘negativities’ from another person, the brain waves may increase to over 20 cycles per second.. As the waves increase, the meditator may approach a disturbed state of mind and may even lose mental stability.

Among the many persons who come to the Ashram, very few are true meditators. Some do not meditate at all and some are those who seldom meditate or do infrequent meditation. When such people touch the feet of the Guru, impurities of their mind affect the Guru. When too many of such people come into contact, it is not possible to stop their thoughts and negativities from being transmitted to the true meditator. As a consequence, the positive vibrations acquired through austerity and meditation gets lost.

A non-meditator who touches the feet of the Guru may receive positivity and happiness for a few moments. But this positivity will be lost in a few minutes as a non-meditator cannot sustain it. So in effect, there is no gain for the seeker, by touching the feet of the Guru. Instead, the Guru suffers tremendously. All the fruits of positivity that Guru has attained through years of penance may get eroded through such actions of the seekers. There are also instances where the Guru feels immense pain at the touch of the seeker.

So, it is always advisable that seekers should abstain from touching the Guru’s person and should seek blessings only from a distance of one to three feet. When such discipline is maintained, the Guru is more in a position to help the seeker at the spiritual level and confer his innate blessings.

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