Guruji on our time on earth

Our time on Earth is slipping away, little by little. We do not have any knowledge about how long we shall remain here. Let us spend at least the remaining part of our lives, seeking God – our Creator. Until now, we have only been running after our material well-being. So, it is very necessary that we now spend the rest of our lives, in pursuit of our spiritual well-being. We are privileged to have been born as human beings. We have been given the ability to think. So, is it not foolish to depart from here, without knowing the purpose of this life?

A normal human being is inclined towards the material world and its objects, since the five senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching, are always directed outwards. The more you concentrate on the outer world, the more will the inner self get hidden from you. It is only when you learn to withdraw your mind inward that you begin to see and understand an inner world that is far more wonderful, as compared to the outer material world. Spirituality does not mean that we should engage ourselves only in meditation, though meditation is the simplest way to inject within oneself the required spiritual consciousness.

Spirituality means living with a complete set of rules which help us to live a life that is equally beneficial, to oneself as well as to others. Spirituality also includes right behaviour, the performance of one’s duties sincerely without neglecting service to others, and living in harmony with man and nature. When any of the rules of life are flouted, then spirituality is affected. Spiritual consciousness means doing all actions with truth and wisdom, and doing things that are beneficial to all. Truth is always guided by spiritual wisdom. Truth makes us do things not because we are told to do so, but because we know them to be the right things to do.
The best way to discriminate between right and wrong, is to inculcate the habit of keeping a mental diary, so that one is able to introspect and review all the thoughts, words and actions that have happened during the day. Thus, one can continuously swatch one’s thoughts and actions. This also helps retain in the mental diary, only those thoughts, words and actions that are positive, and discard the rest.

Spiritual consciousness lies in making a sincere effort to continuously review and correct oneself inwardly. Live each day in such a way that you take special care not to listen to negative things, not to think, talk or act negatively. Never be mean or resentful towards another Do not cause any harm to another being, by any talk or action of yours. Any harm to another being always boomerangs upon oneself and hurts one more than it does to the other being.

In order to be spiritual, one has to be broad-minded, understanding, forgiving and compassionate. Make a mental resolve that no matter how others behave towards you, you shall behave with them correctly. Take control of your behaviour and consciousness. Never create your happiness at the cost of the another’s happiness. Do not allow anger to control you. Do not be critical of others. See only the good in others. Do not nag. Always remain calm and composed and in command of yourself. By and by this attitude will become your way of life and you shall learn to be inclusive of others, and not exclusive.

Arrogance is the most unspiritual trait. Insolence and arrogance are forms of ignorance that should be removed from your mental make-up. Learn to control your senses, habits and behaviour. To live a life of spiritual harmony, it is also important to learn the rules of right behaviour along with love, co-operation and understanding. Spiritual consciousness is more of universal consciousness. Only in spiritual consciousness lies your highest good.

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