Guruji on Taking Charge of your Life

You are the one who is in charge of your own life. You are the one who can create your own strength. Remember, thousands of people in this world are suffering for no fault of theirs. Always think of ways and means to help others. Always be grateful for what you have in life. Do not wallow in self-pity. Make the best of your circumstances, whatever they may be. We get what we deserve in life. Never ever accept failure. To be a success, you must create success. Motivate yourself. No matter how many times you lose, remember, success is just around the corner.

Schedule your life wisely. Seek guidance from God and Guru. Due to your own biased thinking, moods, emotions and misunderstandings, you sometimes fail to see your own mind, as it really is. Hence, it is important to seek the help of the wise. Learn to live rightly. Exercise rightly, eat wisely. Never think that you can get away with eating and living wrongly. Even if you may not be suffering now, the effects of your actions always catch up with you.

Do not get influenced by the environment you live in or by the tendencies of your past lives. Distance yourself from those who have negative influence upon you. Break away from any bad habits that you may have, and develop the power of the mind, by which you can command your own life. True wisdom lies in acting not according to what one wants, but according to what is right.

This world is full of competition but competition will not stop you if you have the determination to go ahead. Instead, it will make you stronger. No matter how unselfish you are, there will be those who are jealous of your achievements. Yet, do not harbour ill thoughts about them, and compete only with yourself. To be a success, do your best every day, under all circumstances, and leave the rest to God.

Wherever there is money, jealousy and greed will emerge. When money becomes the only standard of happiness, it brings unhappiness with it. Do not get swept away by these negativities. You have taken existence in this world in order to play your part in life, which is God’s play. Always remember to play your part well, as decided by God – the Director.
Do not get immersed or lost in the play for if you do so, you will only end up making a mess of your life, and will realise it only when it is too late. Every act of yours should be a surrender to God. Perform all duties to please God. The purpose of this life is to find God and so, always live in God-consciousness. Do not waste time by socialising with people all the time. Spend more and more time in solitude, so that you are able to analyse your own life.

Every day, analyse yourself and see how well you are progressing. As days go by, you will find yourself analysing impartially, and understanding yourself more and more. You will also observe that you have stopped being judgemental towards yourself and others, and that you are able to understand yourself and others even better. Understanding is the vision of your inner being, a balance between calm intelligence and purity of heart.

There will be times when people you have loved, people to whom you have given your heart, have misunderstood you and have turned upon you in hatred. At such times, do not let yourself become bitter. If your understanding is clear, you will still love and help others, without being hurt or without hurting anyone else. It will be wonderful if you can love all and see their positives and negatives without any prejudice. If you can manage this, no one will ever have the power to hurt you.

We can renounce most of the luxuries and unnecessary things of life and lead a simple existence, even today. Life is much better when it is lived simply. Excel yourself in whatever you do. Learn to work without desire and to live in this world without attachment. Do not seek the material joy of Earth, instead seek Divine joy. Always remember that each one of us is here on Earth, only for a short period.

No matter what happens, spend more and more time in meditation. Make the effort to find God through devotion and meditation. Meditate every day and prune out all the negativities within you. True happiness lies in living in harmony with the Universal Laws. True love is divine, and divine love is joy – a joy that can only be found through deep and regular meditation.

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