Guruji on Spirituality and Mind

Spirituality is a way to keep the mind firm and focused. It helps one to develop will-power, which is not a very easy task by itself. A firm and focused mind is required for undertaking the journey towards self-awareness and realisation. The mind has two poles – a positive pole and a negative pole. Also, the brain has two hemispheres – left and right. The left side has kinetic energy while the right side has potential energy. These two energies give rise to two different kinds of thoughts.

Women are known to possess more kinetic energy and hence their minds are found to be more fluctuating. The thoughts in the mind are like waves in the sea, where there are plenty of ebbs and flows. Waves cannot be stopped. Each wave is temporary and fleeting. Likewise, the thoughts are momentary and fleeting, especially those of the females. Human minds that possess more of kinetic energy are generally wavering. They keep changing from moment to moment, which makes it difficult to take firm decisions. A mind with potential energy is as static as a ‘Shivalinga’. Such a mind is not capable of doing any work, nor is it able to take any decision. In such cases, it is extremely difficult to carry out activities in the external world. To undertake any external activity, both the left and the right sides of the brain should work together. Only then can the mind create, and the work on hand will be successfully completed.

While taking a decision, it is wise to activate the right side of the brain. In other words, before taking a decision, contemplate and meditate for atleast ten to fifteen minutes on the decision to be taken. This activates the right side of the brain along with its left side. Thus, the kinetic as well as potential energies merge together and mind becomes clear and focused. This kind of meeting of energies also happens in nature. You will observe that just before dawn, there is a meeting of darkness and light. At such times, mind is jubilant and it becomes easy to take right decisions. Practice is required to utilize such times particularly well. This practice in itself becomes meditation. Those who meditate before sunrise are capable of exercising strength of mind. This is an excellent method to solve fickle-mindedness. Meditation trains the mind to be mindful and purposeful.

Start meditating. As you sit to meditate, observe your thoughts as a witness. As you continue this practice, you shall find your thoughts receding. This is the beginning of meditation. Ceaseless effort will surely yield success. As you continue further, you shall feel the presence of the God within. The experience may last for perhaps a fraction of a second, but nevertheless meditate. You shall find that when you take up meditation, all your tasks get completed successfully. During meditation, focus on the point in between the eyebrows. As the mind settles at this point, it becomes free of swaying emotions, the thoughts disappear and then there remains only the existence of God.

As soon as you wake up, sit up on your bed and spend a few moments in gratitude to the God within. Then during the day, every action that you take, dedicate it to the God within. While drinking water, observe the soothing feeling as the water enters your mouth and imagine that the God within is drinking the water. This is equivalent to living in the present. Living in the present is meditation.

While doing the yogasanas, pranayam or meditation, observe yourself and feel that these activities are being experienced by the God within. While eating your food or while carrying out any other activity throughout the day, feel that it is the God within who is experiencing all these activities. While doing any service towards others, do so with the feeling that the God within you is serving the God in the others. Enjoy the service. Remember that God resides in every person including the ones you are serving. The happiness experienced by the ones you serve will result in a flash of bliss within you.

Likewise, when you are transacting in the external world, follow the same principle and experience this Truth. If you tread the path of this Truth, you will gain an abundance of peace and contentment in your work and other transactions. This happiness is equivalent to meditation. Live a life of awareness, live in the present, and it shall naturally lead you to a life of meditation, which is the backbone of spirituality.

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