Guruji, If I do my spiritual practices sincerely with discipline, then will I receive guidance from my inner guru or is it necessary for me to seek an external guru?

If you do your spiritual practices sincerely and with discipline, then there is a chance that you will receive inner guidance, but how can you be sure. You may be a too logical person or a too emotional person. Under either circumstances your inner guidance may sometimes be ignored on account of your logic or emotion.Anyone who has this thought in mind that he or she does not need an external guru, is being egoistic. When one is egoistic, it hampers spiritual progress. It is always better to have a realised soul as a spiritual guide or guru in human form. During your spiritual practices you may come across a number of confusing situations where you will be required to take the guidance of a self-realised Master who has already gone through those experiences and can guide you through them.

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