Guruji, Is it possible to have spiritual development along with shouldering of materialistic responsibilities?

As per Sant Namdeo, it is not possible to escape from desire, attachment, illusion, just by becoming a Sanyasi or by going to a forest to become a recluse. We are the ones who have accepted a family life. There is no meaning in leaving it half-way. What is the purpose of our life? We have to remind ourselves about the goals in our lives and strive towards achieving the same.

When we perform our duties with love to the extent possible, and accept whatever comes our way as the wish of God, then the Guru within us guides us for our spiritual development. Have complete faith in your inner Guru and do ‘dhyana’ to the extent possible, and spiritual progress shall certainly follow.

It is very essential for people with families to pursue spiritual progress and the same is possible. Only spiritual ‘sadhana’ will enable a person to steer through the chaos of life. A spiritual family should not be artificial. All dealings amongst each other should be with open mind. Each member of the family should look upon each other with love. All efforts should be put towards this. Any difficult task should be jointly conducted and with complete dedication. All family members should try to jointly participate in activities leading to spiritual development such as dhyana, bhajan and japa. The head of the family should interact with all the members with love, patience and compassion and with truthfulness. This in itself amounts to Dhyana or Meditation. Wishing happiness and progress for all is true spirituality. Foremost amongst all, one should be willing to ‘sacrifice’. There is love in sacrifice, and there is God in love.

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