Guruji, sometimes I find that my meditation is very satisfying but at other times it is full of disturbances. Also, during the meditation session, I mostly experience pain or numbness in the legs. What should I do?

Nowadays, even youngsters find it difficult to sit on the floor, since the general practice is to sit on a chair for most of the activities. If you have just taken to meditation, then initially some postures may be uncomfortable, but will get better with practice.

If you have been experiencing pain or numbness in the legs during meditation, with no known medical reason for it, the pain could be due to lack of exercise of the legs. In case you are a person who is always used to sitting only at the table and not on the floor, then you may sit on a chair with your feet resting on a rug during meditation. Always do stretching exercises before and after meditation. Physical exercises before and after meditation, will help in maintaining blood circulation. By and by you will find that your leg pain and numbness have disappeared. In the meantime, during meditation you may shift your legs, massage them or stretch them out for some time. This will ease your legs for a while, and your meditation will continue without interruption. Always remember that you should be able to sit in the meditation posture without much effort Never push your body to the point of pain. For those who find it difficult to sit on the floor, it is better to sit on a chair for the meditation session.

On the days when your meditation has been satisfying, it is because you have not been troubled by any unrequired thoughts. So, before sitting for meditation it is important to have a firm mind. Then prepare yourself with some mindful breathing and make a firm decision not to be disturbed by any matter or thoughts during meditation. While meditating, calmly witness all stray thoughts that may appear before you. If you learn to witness your thinking process without becoming involved with the images, feelings, desires or thoughts, then neither good not bad thoughts can trouble you. Calmly continue to witness them and you will by and by overcome them or they will be reduced to nil. No matter what – never be disturbed by anything that occurs during meditation.

Another method is to offer all your thoughts, desires, and feelings, as they occur during your meditation, to the lotus feet of your Master without getting agitated. As you keep on offering you will find that these thoughts start getting fewer and fewer. If you are comfortable with chanting some mantra, you may go on with it. Do not worry about good or bad meditation. Meditation happens with the grace of God. Do not abandon it, keep on striving and you shall reach your goal.

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