Guruji, sometimes in my day-to-day living, due to circumstances, I am compelled to tell lies. Though the lies may be harmless, speaking untruths does not make me feel good. How can I face such situations, and speak only the truth?

Every Sadhaka must understand that being truthful is the actual essence of spirituality. As you keep lying your purity fades away. The minor lies grow into huge untruths as you continue to be untruthful. So, if you are faced with a situation where you think you must tell a lie, then apply the following techniques:

  • Instead of lying, be silent, wait, the person asking the question may move away.
  • Also, bitter truths must not be told, so instead of lying just be silent.
  • Keep a smile but do not reply, let the person understand whatever he wants to.
  • You may answer only that portion of the question that has a truthful answer, and ignore the balance part of the question where you need to tell a lie.

Lies create fear within you, you are always out to hide the truth thus creating stress for yourself. When you tell the truth, you become more and more fearless. So, make it a point to speak nothing but the truth. When you are truthful outside, you will be more truthful inside. You will develop courage and clarity, and complete relief from all kinds of stress. If you cultivate the habit of being completely truthful at all times, no matter what, you shall reach the heights of spirituality. If not, you are merely wasting your time pretending to be spiritual

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