Guruji, should I abandon my wife and kids to become a Sanyasi ?

If you have a very intense desire to become a Sanyasi, if you are capable of abandoning your wife and children without any thought for them or their life after you have left them, then you have every right to become a Sanyasi. The Srutis have stated: “Renounce the world on the very day you think of renouncing.”

However, it is important that before taking any step in the direction, you must ensure that your wife and children are well provided for. They must not lack for anything material due to your absence in their lives. If you leave them wanting, then they will be constantly thinking of you. As a consequence, their thought currents will have the power to draw you towards them. Before taking the final step, teach your wife about the importance of Sanyasa, meditation and spiritual life. Encourage her to take up spiritual practices along with her duties at home. If she takes up a spiritual life, she will not interfere in your life as a Sanyasi. While you are with your family do intense sadhana. Examine yourself to ensure that no traces of attachment remain in you. Once you are complete with this, you will be successful in becoming a Sannyasi.

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