Guruji, what exactly is the purpose of this human life? If our ultimate goal is to merge with the Creator, why did have we come here in the first place?

Man is the most intelligent life on this earth. Every human being is born on earth with some specific purpose, and this purpose can be revealed to us through the process of mediation. We have obtained this life after having lived eighty-four lakh lives where we have accumulated ‘Prarabdas’ (effects of our past deeds).When we spend some time in meditation, our specific individual purposes will be revealed to us. We planned this life before we were born. Our entire life as we are living it now, was shown to us and we agreed to come down. We wanted to have these experiences to learn something and grow spiritually.

The purpose of a human life is to learn and evolve and to find unity with all of God’s creations. We have come here to love unconditionally, to get rid of all our ‘prarabdas’ and to strive for realisation. True love can be experience only by a realised meditator. Only a true meditator can be in a position to share the love of God with everyone and make his or her life fruitful by assisting in the process of Creation.

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