Guruji, please explain, what is this human life and to what purpose are we here on this Earth? Also, what is the purpose of meditation? How will meditation help us to live life fully?

Life is an expression of joy. Out of all life, human life has the greatest beauty and attraction. It is a great art work of the Creator embedded with love, peace and harmony. None of us know where we have come from and where we have to go. This is the mystery of our life.

Our life can be compared to a bridge on the river which is in between two roads. The person who stands on the bridge is unable to understand as to where the road starts from or where it is leads to. His knowledge is only limited to the extent of the bridge. Similarly, our existence on this earth is only from birth to death, without knowing where the life began and where it shall end. This only shows that there must be a life before birth and after death. Human life is so mysterious and wonderful.

Human life perhaps began somewhere in some other planet like Earth, and may be ending somewhere on some other planet perhaps after hundreds of births. This is a fact that can be understood only after one has gone through Meditation.

As life progresses more and more people are taking on the path of spirituality and meditation. It is only through meditation that one can achieve the purpose of life. It is also understood that it is only very rarely that life enters a human form and having been born as a human being, one has to endeavour to achieve the purpose of this life. So far, none have lost anything due to practice of meditation, even though far many have lost, for not having practised meditation.

Always remember that the human life is the most precious life on earth. So, do not waste even a single minute of your life without meditation. Try to spend all of your leisure hours in meditation and turn your life into a successful one.

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