Guruji Dev Baba

Guruji Dev Baba

Guruji, is it necessary that those who regularly engage themselves in the practice of meditation should also undertake to do Kriya Yoga?

For the sadhakas who are engaged in a regular practice of meditation for considerably long periods of time and who are able to enter into a deep meditative state, it is not really necessary to practice Kriya Yoga.

However Kriya Yoga, as taught by our ashram, has its own set of benefits for the spiritual aspirants. It helps in toning up and preserving the physical fitness of the sadhaka, and also helps in sharpening the mind of the practitioner. It is easy to attain a thoughtless state through the practice of Kriya Yoga. Our techniques consist of methods that promote consistency in practice. While practising this technique there are chances of the sadhaka going into a deep meditative state and further slipping into the state of Samadhi.

So, as a general rule, Kriya Yoga is advised for those spiritual aspirants who are caught up in the activities of daily life, and wish to achieve self-realisation while continuing to carry out their duties in the material world.

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