Guruji, when we read our scriptures, we find one and the same thing in all of them, that everything we come across is unreal, and that only God is real. Please explain how we can understand this statement through our own efforts, that “Everything is unreal and only God is real”.

You have been reading the scriptures which tell you that only God is real, and all else is unreal or ‘Maya’. This has confused you because you can see the world and other creations, but you cannot see God. In such a situation, it is very important to learn such truths from an enlightened Master. When you read the scriptures and try to understand the statement that only God is real, it is natural for you to get more confused. As such, only experiential knowledge can help you. Only out of actual experience will you be able to understand.

Our ancient and revered Rishi-Munis, and our ancient scriptures have told us that “to know the truth about God and the world as we see it”, it is necessary to go inward. So, make a conscious effort to withdraw from this outer world and seek your answers in your inner world, through meditation and contemplation. Start by learning to meditate under the Guru’s guidance, practice meditation diligently and slowly you will be able to understand this statement by yourself, through your own efforts.

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