Guruji, people say that we carry our Karmas, good or bad, life after life. Is it true? If so, what are the rules governing the law of karma?

Law of Karma is nothing but a universal law, like that of the law of gravity. The first law is that you reap the harvest which you sow.  When you are sowing coconuts, you cannot expect to reap mangoes; you will reap coconuts and only coconuts. The principle here is that you reap what you sow through your actions. So, you decide what you want to enjoy in your future? If you want joy, you must give joy to others hereafter. If you want peace, you must enable an atmosphere of peace for others. If you want love, always be loving towards others.

Spirituality is based on universal love and truth. So, always have the intention of infusing love and joy in all your actions. It is based on the principle that the one who sows abundantly will reap abundantly. Always have a broad mind to offer love, peace and harmony abundantly. If you cannot give, find out the source from which you can give. Learn from your elders, your teachers and from saints about how to pass on love abundantly to others.

If you do not want to get cheated, do not cheat others. If you do not want others to steal your wealth, do not steal the wealth of others. In today’s day and age, wealth also includes ideas and intellectual property. So, do not steal any reward that is due to another, for any literary or art work without due credit; do not even underpay for services provided to you. Any debt in the universe never goes unpaid.

When the seeds of bad karma mature, it can bring about misery or misfortune. So, regardless of the cause of suffering, it is simply the result of karmic debts that we need to pay. If we do not have a debt to pay, no force in the universe can harm us. Here the principle is we cannot reap what we did not sow. Thousands who participate in a war, may fall dead beside me, but I will remain safe and sound because of my good karma in the past. This is based on the principle which says – my righteousness is my shield. In short, always think positively, do positive actions and tread the righteous path of love, peace and harmony towards all.

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