Guruji on Paying Attention to Thoughts

Thoughts are dynamic and all-powerful. So, pay attention to thoughts. Our scriptures have confirmed that the entire world is a creation of thoughts. The gross material objects that we see around us, are nothing but creations of the subtle power of thoughts. Arts, science, literature, technological and material developments, etc. are all results of thoughts that originated in the minds of their creators. It is in the thoughts that the possibility of such creations first arises. Then, after due contemplation upon them, these thoughts manifest as creations. The ever-powerful thoughts of our ancient sages have all been recorded in the Akasa.

Mind is like a wireless machine which transmits and receives thoughts. Every thought that you carry or send out, has a reciprocal effect upon your own self. Just as a piece of stone thrown into a pool of water produces a succession of concentric waves, so also, when a thought crosses the mind of a person, it gives rise to vibrations in the manas, that travel far and wide, in all directions. Thoughts are speedily transmitted from one man to another.

Each one of you has your own thought-world, and you are continuously absorbing certain thoughts, while repelling others. It is very important to observe your thoughts. You will realize that when you have a feeling of love towards others, you are also enveloped with the same love. Likewise, if you hate another, you will receive hate vibes in return. It is a known fact that a mind which harbors evil thoughts, first harms the mental body of the person carrying the thoughts, and then pollutes the surrounding minds. Whatever you send out of your mind, comes back to you.

Thoughts are extremely dynamic. They can heal diseases and work wonders. The power of thought is a spiritual power. If the food you consume is pure, then your thoughts also becomes pure. The one with pure thoughts, speaks powerfully and produces a deep impression upon the minds of listeners. A saintly man, sends out into the world, thoughts of harmony and peace that travel all around, enter into the minds of others, and produce in them similar thoughts of harmony and peace.

The power of thought is immense enough to affect a person’s health, positively or adversely. Somebody whose mind is full of jealousy and hatred, sends out disharmonious thoughts that enter into other similar minds, promoting discord and hatred. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain positive thoughts at all times. If you observe negative thoughts within you, find out the cause for the same and eradicate them. If you are assailed by depressive thoughts, take efforts to think of inspiring things. For most people, thoughts are seen as figments of imagination, or as a past-time, as they have never paid any attention to thoughts.

The strength of your body and mind, your success and happiness all depend upon the nature and quality of your thoughts. You are the architect of your life. You are continually attracting towards you, life-forces, thoughts, influences and conditions, similar to those of your own thoughts and lines. In the realm of thought, people of similar thoughts are attracted to one another. This universal law is continually operating whether we are conscious of it or not. By controlling your thoughts, you can govern and direct your life to a large extent.

Always remember, right thoughts are very important for one’s well-being and success. Worrying thoughts destroy your inner strength. There is no need to worry about genuine or imaginary problems. Instead, face them boldly in your thoughts, with the confidence of being able to overcome them. The ones who are not successful in life, are most likely victims of their own thoughts. Having cultivated a habit of negative-thinking, in most matters, they invariably have a fear of failure. Thus unknowingly, they attract failure and defeat. This condition can be changed by consciously attracting positive thoughts to replace the existing negative thought-pattern.

Every man has his own thought-world. A cheerful thought in you, produces cheerful thoughts in others. Those who succeed in life are the ones who harbor thoughts of success. Together with thoughts of success, your thoughts should also be service-oriented. Make others happy. Live to serve others and you will observe how you attract all favorable circumstances or environments. The more you help others, the more rewarding is Nature.

You can send into the mental atmosphere thoughts which will raise, purify and inspire all who are sensitive to them. May the thoughts of love and compassion pervade your mind, and may God be with you, always.

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