Guruji on why we need Atma-Sakshatkara

Why do I need Atma-sakshatkara? This is a question that is usually asked by one who is enjoying life on earth. So far as you are living happily, with family, friends, and in good society, earning well, with no stress or anxiety, your attitude will be: “why should I bother about God-realisation or Atma-sakshatkara?”. One who lives an outward life, full of joy and fulfilment, will rarely think of God-realisation. As a matter of routine, the person may make offerings to God on auspicious days, and may also do the regular ritualistic prayers, but it is only when one encounters troubles and miseries, that one is forced to turn one’s full attention towards God.

When the problems of the tiny world you live in, start affecting you, then you begin to pray to God in all earnestness. You seek His help, and start asking God to take-over your troubles, to offer you solace. You then involuntarily take to the spiritual path, mainly with the intention of finding solutions to your problems. You begin to realise the importance of God-consciousness. You start thinking about the impermanence of life, and embark upon seeking God. The main reason for man to want Atma-sakshakara is because it is the only way to get out of the miseries of this cycle of birth and death. Our Rishi-Munis tell us that there is no alternative to God-realisation. They say that only when one realises God, i.e.  one’s one’s own true Self, only then one is able to escape from the miseries of this world.

The ignorant ones who have no idea about God or God-realisation, may continue to suffer miseries that are thrust upon them, in this life. But the one who knows about the Truth of one’s own existence, will understand that there is a free will. The choice is yours: whether to suffer the miseries of this world, or whether to free yourself from this cycle of birth and death. If you choose to suffer an earthly life, you are free to do so. But if you want to escape the earthly cycle of birth and death, there is only one way out – that is – take the spiritual path – the path of Sadhana, Tapasya, and Vairagya. There is no short-cut to God-realisation. The gap that separates human being from God, has to be bridged; and it requires time, discipline, renunciation and austerity.

Even if the spiritual journey becomes tough and painful, and you begin to wonder whether it is really worth all the trouble, you must not slow down; instead, continue with your spiritual journey till you reach your goal of God-realisation. The final goal of man is only Atma-sakshatkara. God is Love, Compassion and Perfection. God-realisation cannot happen without getting rid of your imperfections. You cannot realise God when you are deficient in love and compassion towards your fellow-beings.

Even if you have one single weakness, you are unable to realise God. With dedicated Sadhana, overcome all your negativities. Until the time you achieve Atma-sakshatkara, you will continue to experience problems, temptations and pain. Be strong enough to tackle all pain, temptations and negativities. Keep in mind that a spiritual aspirant is always tested through troubles and painful experiences. These tests form a process of purification. Finally, there will come a time when you stop struggling, and surrender yourself to God with your complete being. You will experience a relief along with the feeling of total and unqualified surrender. In such a moment of surrender, the grace of God enters you. You become peaceful and still from within. No matter what chaos happens around you, within you there will only exist, a feeling of peace and joy. You also become wise from within, and you realise God. Nothing of the outside world has the capacity to trouble you anymore.

So, my children, do not ask ‘why Atma-sakshatkara?’. Instead work your way towards total surrender to God, and achieve Atma-sakshatkara. The great sage Guru Nanakji has said, “The whole world is plunged in sorrow; drowned in the sea of sorrow. Who’s happy? Only the one who is totally dependent on the name of God, can be happy.” So, get into the habit of chanting Mantra. Your Mantra addresses God, and sooner or later, if you are steadfast in repeating your Mantra internally, all through your life, without missing even one moment, it will lead you to God-realisation. Your Mantra is your bridge to God, and by chanting it continuously you can cross the bridge and reach God. With purity of heart and mind, keep chanting your Mantra internally, from the time you wake up, preferably during Brahma-muhurta, and until the time you go to sleep at night. Your Mantra can be any chant or prayer or name of God, that does not matter. What matters is your sincerity and dedication in chanting, in doing your Japa.

Do not chant your Mantra loudly, chant it silently, internally always. When you do your Japa all the time, the Mantra acts like the atomic energy. While chanting internally, do not dwell upon the number of times you are chanting it, instead concentrate only upon the essence of the Mantra. Do not put conditions before God, like “God I am always chanting your name, your Mantra, so you must fulfil my wishes.” Do not bargain with God. Just go on chanting internally, and soon you will find your Japa reaching its highest level – it becomes Ajapa Japa – the chanting goes on internally, automatically, without any conscious effort on your part. You will notice the Japa going on within you when you wake up in the morning, when you are doing any activity during the day, and until you fall asleep in bed. It becomes embedded within you, and will definitely lead you to Atma-sakshatkara. May you all reach your goal soon.

With Love and Blessings, Guruji.

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