Guruji on the New Year 2023

Let us welcome this New Calendar Year – 2023 – a year filled with the promise of Love, Peace and Harmony – for every being on mother Earth.

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu, Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu.

Asato Ma Sat Gamaya, Tamaso Ma Jyothir Gamaya, Mrutyor Ma Amritam Gamaya.

As we chant this sacred mantra, we establish a deep connection with the Divine. Let us live each moment of this life, spiritually and purposefully, spreading Love, Peace and Harmony – all around us.  Let us remind ourselves of this commitment to the Divine. When we carry a positive attitude in life, no matter what life grants us, we are in tune with cosmos.

Always keep yourself in an attitude of love, gratitude and surrender towards the Divine. Take a Sankalpa – to always be an instrument of God, and to live life with an attitude of service and gratitude. Take a Sankalpa that – we shall always spread love, peace and harmony in this beautiful world. Do your work and eat your meals as if they are offerings to God. When we offer our work to God, it becomes ‘sadhana’; and when we offer our food to God, it becomes ‘amrit’. Work done with the intention of giving, become service to the Divine – a humble offering without any ego. May your work be such that it enables you to experience the Divine.

Service and Sadhana are the tools that connect us to the Divine. Let us use our tools wisely. Meditation is one of the most important tools for a sadhaka. It is extremely useful in cleaning up one’s muddled thoughts and for balancing the inner and outer world. In the Bhagavad Gita: Lord Krishna says to Arjuna: “Meditation is not for him who eats too much, not for him who eats not at all; not for him who is over much addicted to sleep, not for him who is always awake, but for him who regulates his food and recreation, who is balanced in action, in sleep and in waking, and it shall dispel all unhappiness.” So, live a life of discipline and service towards others.

Discipline is most important aspect of everything we undertake, especially for a sadhaka. Cultivate the discipline of waking up during Brahma Muhurta, and prepare yourself for the interaction with the Divine.  Be disciplined in meditation and sadhana. It helps you to connect with God effortlessly.  In this new year, let’s make a conscious effort to awaken the divinity within us, to become an instrument of the Divine. During Brahma Muhurta period when divine energy is at its peak, we are showered with the capability and intelligence to face all obstacles and difficulties that we may confront. Total faith in God and Guru is a must for the sadhaka. Whatever be the troubles and challenges, nothing is superior to the Divine.

When you encounter difficulties in life, all you need to do is – request the Divine with sincerity and faith, with purity and love, to remove the difficulties, and you will be surprised to see how soon your request is granted. Always remember, we have the required intelligence and intuition, to overcome suffering. God may have infinite forms, or may be formless, but is ever-present and ever-willing to help us along our journey towards spiritual progress. Cultivate self-control and self-restraint.

To progress on the path of spirituality, we must work towards eradicating all cravings and desires. Cultivate a strong desire for the divine by engaging in meditation, sadhana and ‘satsangs’. It is important to know that only your own sincerity and dedication will help gain success in your mission. Free yourself from all cravings. Free yourself from the desire for bodily comfort and ease, free yourself from “I” consciousness, and body-consciousness. Sit silently, examine yourself for any negativities that you may be harbouring. Free yourself from greed, jealousy, obsessions, falsities, hypocrisy, etc.

Only when all material desires are renounced, will one become truly spiritual. Do not desire for anything but wisdom and spiritual insight. Then the path towards God becomes clear and easy. A spiritual seeker who obtains control over the senses and maintains it, will be unmoved by pleasure or pain, honour or dishonour, friend or enemy, likes or dislikes. Eat moderately, sleep moderately, and be balanced in all your actions, and with complete discipline, engage yourself in daily meditation.

Decide upon a suitable time for your daily sadhana. Choose a place for yourself, sit in a firm and erect posture, motionless and steady, with head and neck straight, and look fixedly at the tip of your nose. With a smiling face and happy frame of mind, sit down for meditation – for a minimum of twenty-one minutes, or for as long as you wish to. Continue this daily practice with discipline. Do your sadhana by sitting in the same place and at the same time every day. This forms a part of the discipline; and remember, discipline is the most important part of your daily sadhana.

As you find yourself enjoying the state of joyousness that surrounds you, as you find yourself communicating with the Divine, you will understand the transformation that has taken place in you. This will spur you on to continue your sadhana. Never stray from the path of meditation and spirituality. Enjoy the fruit of meditation. May you always continue your sadhana – with determination and strength.

With Love and Blessings, Guruji.

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