Guruji on the light within us and to be aware of it.

It is the light within you that will help you and guide you to navigate skilfully, through this world and through this life. The fortunate ones are those who find a Guru in the form of an enlightened Master, the one who imparts to them the required knowledge and guidance towards finding the light within themselves. Only the rare ones have the capacity to search for and independently, without any assistance, find their own inner light. For majority of the people, guidance of a self-realised Guru enables them to become aware of their own inner light.
Once you become aware of the light within you, and you learn to take guidance from this light, which has the power to reveal only that which is the Truth to you, then there is never any chance of your being misguided or lost on the path of Self- realisation. Your Guru comes into your life when you have prepared yourself to tread the spiritual path. He or she comes into your life at this specific junction, in order to inspire and guide you, and to make you aware of the divinity within you, that divinity which you have almost forgotten during the process of living.

The main aim of a Guru is to make you aware of your inner reality, and thereby to save you from unnecessary confusions and delusions. Always remember that in order to succeed in his mission, a Guru requires the disciple’s wholehearted co-operation. It is only when you follow the Guru’s instructions with total faith and discipline that you will start becoming aware of the light within you, and will also understand the purpose of your life on earth. The light within you has the power to discriminate between the right and the wrong. That light can correctly judge, understand and know.

When you understand the importance of this human life, when you understand that this life is not merely for eating, earning a living, raising a family, seeking material comforts, and finally becoming old and dying, it is only then that you will begin your spiritual quest in earnest. Human life is meant for higher objectives, for becoming one with the divine. In order to achieve the divine, it is very much necessary to work towards clearing your lower tendencies like greed, hatred, jealousy, selfishness, etc. It is like clearing the dust on the mirror of your own divine self.

I urge each one of you to explore your inner self through ‘sadhana’ and meditation, to identify the areas where cleaning of the dust of ‘accumulated tendencies and prarabdas’ is required, and to consistently work towards raising your consciousness towards your divine self. Align yourself to the teachings of our ashram, incorporate yoga, meditation, and other yogic practices that have been taught to you over the years. Make it a practice to wake up during the ‘brahma muhurta’, and to engage yourself in yoga, pranayama, dhyana so as to develop a healthy mind and body.

For those of you, who have not yet started dedicated spiritual practices, I insist that it is never too late to begin. Start immediately, exercise your will-power by waking up at least by 4.30 a.m, during the ‘brahma muhurtha’. Start your day with pranayama, surya namaskar, some asanas and meditation. Eat only as much food as can be digested according to the physical work you are engaged in. Sleep early and wake up early. Avoid eating meals after sunset so that you are able to engage in a few minutes of deep meditation before preparing to sleep. Make it a practice to meditate regularly upon waking up, and before sleeping.

Yoga is not just about asanas, rather it is a way of life that leads to unity with the universal consciousness. When you perform your asanas daily, when you practice moderation in your food, discipline in your behaviour and purity in thought, then soon enough you will get in touch with the light within you. Train yourself to turn your gaze within. Keep up your practice consistently. Do not get impatient or disappointed. Lead a truthful and disciplined life. Be careful of the diet you consume – eat only ‘satvik’ food. Always be aware of the people you surround yourself with, during work and during social gatherings.

Always cultivate a happy frame of mind, no matter what the situation you may be placed in. Occupy your mind with good thoughts. Restrain yourself from being involved in unnecessary talks. Practice the art of living in silence. Do not ever talk ill of others, nor must you ever indulge in gossips. Always be in a state of eternal gratitude. Aligning yourself to your Guru, is of paramount importance. Get into the habit of examining your progress on a daily basis. Keep a small diary where you may note down the various areas for improvement, within yourself. Be aware of every action of yours.

Love you and bless you all. May you all be established in the light within you.

– Guruji

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